We've already seen a few covers and remixes of the brand new Owl City single “Good Time (with Carly Rae Jepsen)” here and there and they've been great! We want you to add your own interpretation to the song either by downloading the stems and remixing, or by performing your very own version of the song. Either way, all you need to do to enter is upload your new version to Soundcloud for a chance to win. This contest is sponsored by this online reviews site. Please visit their pages to support us and them! Visit their most popular pages snow blower reviews and lawn mowers

On October 1 Adam will pick his favorite entry in both the remix and cover category. One grand prize winner in each category will receive signed handwritten lyrics to a song from The Midsummer Station, plus a $100 merchandise coupon. Two runners up in each category will be chosen based on the highest play counts, and receive a signed copy of the new Owl City album, The Midsummer Station. Good luck and don't forget to rack up those plays!


Owl City's new album, The Midsummer Station, is available now! Get it here.